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Because the board owners/members have a common thread regarding parental status we have a special very detailed section regarding emotional support for parents and support for those with loved ones in the military. We are not a movement nor an organization! As you can tell by our title we are just a group of people whom have come together to brighten another's day and share in the company of people who can help us along the way.

We all believe that Children Need Both Parents in their lives as long as the Parent is FIT and LOVING, and more importantly always remember there are variables to every situation.

If you want to discuss your case, share a news story, or discuss something close to your heart or just come to entertain us, well you can do that here. If you have issues with CPS/DHS or any other issue you can share it here. Nobody on this board at this time is an attorney or legal representative we can only share information regarding what we have been through or the knowledge obtained through our own journey.

Lets all be respectful of each other, no name calling or gender bashing, or people slamming will be allowed AT ANY TIME!

We want to educate in Parental alienation and child abuse and create awareness and education in legal resources and general resources to help its members. We want to provide emotional support to its members whom need a lift and we also are there to have fun. So please feel free to enjoy yourselves at the same time.

Whether you would like to share your story as a Non Custodial Parent or new Custodial Parent or are a Custodial Parent or Step Parent or military parent or family member of a military member or single mom or dad.. WE INVITE YOU...Actually if you are affected by anything regarding family you are welcome here even if you are an Aunt or Grandparent.

IF you belong to a activism with non violence we also welcome you as long as its for equal parenting. Please share your stories or other resources for our members. WE WELCOME YOU........

Family is a special gift to each of us. When a family is broken apart the CHILDREN suffer. The children are the ones who go through emotional travesties and pain. While WE the parents bicker and fight over them and put them in a tug of war. I think this is selfish.

OUR CHILDREN need to be the most important in our lives. We need to understand that although WE as couples have issues or even separate or divorce THE CHILDREN need to still feel safe and loved by BOTH parents. If the children do not feel that love or they feel like one parent no longer cares this can cause devastating effects and permanent scars for thier future.

PLEASE take the time to understand that Unless a parent is abusive in some form, drug addicted or has run away out of the child's life and you cannot make it different WELL it is YOURS/MINE responsibility to maintain that relationship with the other parent. THEIR are to many MOTHERS AND FATHERS who suffer absence in their heart because of ONE selfish parent who has either caused PAS in their children or has been evil and vindictive for their own personal vendetta. COME ON PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN WILL YA!!!!!!!!!!

"To be nobody but myself -- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else -- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting." E.E.Cummings

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