Fund Raiser

Please check out our website - we are running a fundraiser to obtain bigger and better cages for our two Red Tailed Boas, Jazz and Grimlock. Even a dollar will help!

Please Help Out

I know times are really tough, but even one dollar can help! If just 1/2 of the members of this cause donated a dollar, we would be able to fully stock our feeders freezer, and have money to take herps to the vet! Check out the fundraisers we have on our…Read More


Check out our website!

Please go to: Check out our new website

Let's Hit 3,000 members!

We have 2, 439 members...c'mon, send out those invites

Scaly Tailz needs YOUR help!

Due to our van being out of commission, we were unable to do many demos, and lost out on a lot of potential donations. :( I know times are tough for everyone these days, but, if you can help, even just a little bit, PLEASE help us out! Donations can be made…Read More

Jazz is in need of your help!

One of our adoptions, a Red Tailed Boa named Jazz, had to go to the vet today. She has a perianal fistula, and will need medication and repeat visits to the vet. Please, if you can, please help Scaly Tailz with the cost of her medical care. Donations can be…Read More
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