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I remember it was last year or so when somebody out there told me about I don't remember the story anymore but it seems to me that I checked with national on it and, whatever happened, it fell by the wayside. Well now I've just heard about it again from Stephanie at our North Carolina chapter. SCS is signed up on it and it is available to us as an excellent source of fundraising.

Here's the deal. is a search engine that pays money back to your designated charity every time you use it. So every time you do an internet search for something, use GoodSearch instead of Google or Yahoo or whatever. For every search you do they'll pay a penny or so to SCS. That may not sound like much but it will add up, if we use it! THIS IS A NO-BRAINER FOLKS!!! If you're looking stuff up on the internet you're using a search engine so just use the one that will help us fund a cure.

It's simple to do. Go to You'll see the search box and then you'll see the box to choose your charity. Type in Spinal Cord Society (open up your internet browser in another window and do this with me now), check to see it's the Fergus Falls SCS then click 'verify'. Now every time you go to GoodSearch, SCS will be preset and all you have to do is start your searches to make us some money. There is also an 'amount raised' button so you can see just how much money is being raised. This money gets sent right to Fergus Falls.

You'll also see right below that. Do your online shopping from there and it'll do the same thing to make even more money. AGAIN, THIS IS A NO-BRAINER! You can set GoodSearch as your home page, as a Favorite or download their toolbar or just their search box. All you have to do is just USE it.

But don't stop there. Forward this to everyone on your address list who you think would be willing to help your cause out. We should be able to quickly get hundreds of people using this and it won't cost them a cent. Why wouldn't you, or they, want to do it? I don't care if you're searching for the best way to pick your nose, we should be using the heck out of this. It'll be easy enough to check with Fergus to make sure they're getting the money.

If you don't want to do this, then all I can say is there is truly no hope for us.

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