Another way to raise funds for SCS

We finally have the site set up for the SCS Visa card. This card will pay 1% of all purchases directly to SCS and will give a $25 bonus donation when you make your first purchase with it. Even if you don't want to have the card you could get it, make one…Read More

.Register first

Re: Find A Cure Panel for SCI This is the registration profile (not a survey):; Hi. This is just a registration profile - to join FACP. It's NOT a survey per se. Now, FACP…Read More

SCI survey that will bring a donation

Re: Find A Cure Panel for SCI Subject line: Please Join Find A Cure Panel for SCI research and help support Spinal Cord Society We are excited to announce an affiliation with Find A Cure Panel where people with SCI can participate in quantitative online…Read More


TO ALL CURE SPINAL CORD INJURY PARALYSIS MEMBERS, I remember it was last year or so when somebody out there told me about I don't remember the story anymore but it seems to me that I checked with national on it and, whatever happened, it fell…Read More

Don't delay, donate today!

All donations are tax-deductible and can be made out to: Mike Janssen SCS Twin Cities 2785 104th Ct. E. Inver Grove Hgts., MN 55077 Be sure to put, "Facebook," in the memo line! THANK YOU!!!


If you haven't made a donation yet, now is the perfect time! Some really exciting breakthrough things are happening!! Keep it going with more funding!! Make another donation if you have already, please. This is a really exciting time, but needs more funding…Read More

Records Purposes

Hey everyone- You are some wonderful, wonderful people! I have one small request for all of you. When you make a donation, for the purpose of record keeping, if you could put, "Facebook," or my name, "Angelique Novak," in the memo line of your checks or a…Read More
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