Last day to help raise funds for computers

Just to let you all know that we are down to the last day of our fundraiser for the resource center. Please contact your friends or make a donation to help us.

Fundraiser Update!!

Greetings all! We have just past the halfway point of our fundraiser for new computers for the resource center of the Dreamers Kids. Our goal is $2000. So far we have raised $50. There are no libraries here in Guatemala! We are needing finances to buy them…Read More

Dreamers Program in full swing!

We are into the second week of the program in zone 3 but this was the first day for the rest of the Dreamers! We were excited to see full attendance of all the kids. We are very pleased about the potential this group of kids has this year. Pray for Gods…Read More

Need prayer coverage!!!

Greetings Dreamers cause supporters. As the list of our contacts grows, so I hope grows the list of prayer warriors grows with it! Next week we formally start the tutoring and discipleship with the kids. Please cover them with your prayers. We have 36…Read More

Dreamers Membership reaches 100 !

Hey All! Just to let you know. We have reached 100 people in our cause! Keep up the great work and keep inviting your friends. We just recieved our first donation towards our resource center computers. Keeping pursuing this. If you have any friends who are…Read More

Fundraiser for computers down to the last 7 days!

Just to let you all know. We are down to 7 days on a goal to help raise $2000 to buy computers to help assist children with their homework assignments. These are important tools to help the children as their are no public libraries in the country. This is the…Read More

Buy coffee and help Dreamers!!!

Greetings all! A friend of mine in the coffee industry here in Guatemala is offering to give 20% of all purchases of his coffee to help the Dreamer School Program. His offices are in the US and he will ship you the coffee. This is grade A coffee from a very…Read More
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