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Sunday February 1st, 15.00 GMT -> Skype meeting

Dear Colleagues,

Sunday February 1st 2009, it will take place the third meeting of the Space Renaissance Initiative Committee.
TIME: Sunday February 1st, 15.00 GMT

USA Pacific - 7am
USA Eastern - 10 am
CET: 16:00

SITE: skype public chat conference (connect my skype name: adriano_autino, however the address of the conference will be posted to this list and on our groups on facebook and google)

The agenda includes the following points, at least:
a) amendment and approval of the SRF Project Team Organization document
b) assignement of project work packages responsibilities
c) election of the SRI direction organs
d) immediate action items for a fast progress of our works

I repeat hereafter the known skype names, so far:

Adriano Autino: adriano_autino
Charles Radley: cfrjlr
Andreas Bergweiler: bergweiler
Andrzej Kotarski: andrzejkotarski
Nebojsa Stanojevic: nebojsa.stanojevic
Michael Martin-Smith: michael.martin.smith
Martin Dudziak: martindudziak

Minutes of 11 Jan meeting.

We approved the SOW of the Space Renaissance Forum Project!

Please see the SOW 1.1, with critic eyes, in order to catch possible mistakes, missing points or inaccuracies.

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