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Adriano Autino -> FB account disabled

Hi Charles,

my facebook account was disabled, because they found that I promoted too much the Space Renaissance Initiative, by writing on walls and using discussion boards of several groups.

I don't know wether my name is displayed or not on the SRI group page and on the SRF cause.
I also don't know if the account can be re-enabled.

However, could you please inform the members of the group and of the cause that the creator of this group was disabled due to his promotion activity?
Maybe someone could write to the responsible, explaining that SRI is not a commercial activity, and that we run groups on facebook with several hundreds members.

I already wrote this message, to [email protected]:

Good morning,

my Facebook account was just disabled.
I was writing an invitation to join the Space Renaissance Initiative group on some groups that can have similar ineterests, using the discussion board.
I already was warned about writing on the walls.
I didn't think that discussion boards had the same limitations.

However our initiative is not a commercial one.

Many hundreds of people are involved in this initiative, and I am loosing important communications.
Seventeen groups and organizations are joined in the Space Renaissance Initiative.

Can my account be enabled again?

Thank you so much!
Best regards

Adriano Autino

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