To show to public opinion that Space is the alternative to the global recession. PLEASE SIGN OUR CALL HERE: http://www.tdf.it/SRI/sri-call.htm

The Space Renaissance Initiative reached 37 affiliated pro-space organizations around the Planet. We want to organize a great Space Renaissance Forum, to be held in the Autumn 2009, to discuss and take decisions about the very urgent tasks that our Civilization is facing. Namely:
a) abating the cost to orbit, giving life to the cheap access to space
b) creating space investment funds
c) promoting support actions by governments, to small and medium industries engaged in space activities
d) harmonize the international effort, planet wide, to win the gravitational well
e) give birth to the space economy

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The goal of the forum is to indicate clearly the only way to escape the global recession:
- to develop the low cost Earth-Orbit and return space flight,
- to industrialize the Moon,
- to run the Space Tourism industry,
- to run the Solar Power from Space,
- to begin using the Near Earth Asteroids resources and the immense energy flowing just outside our mother planet, in the Solar System.

See the complete Call here: http://www.tdf.it/SRI/sri-call.htm

We invite all the members to join the Space Renaissance Initiative google group (our official work group):

1. The global crisis is the crisis of the closed world ideologies. Both collectivist and liberist utopias could never come true, in a closed world.

2. 7 billion humans cannot continue to develop on one only planet. When the child (humanity) is grown up, it cannot keep on eating at Mom's expenses!

3. Real richness is not money, but technology and potential of work. With 7 billion people, humanity was never so rich!

4. Civilization and culture need growth, to keep on progressing. New resources and energy for growth can be found only outside Earth.

5. Living on one only planet, we are exposed to internal and external menaces. Settling on another planet, we will halve possibilities of extinction.