2010 Walk Now For Autism

You can now donate directly to Team John-John in the 2010 Walk Now For Autism right from my profile page!! Donating is now easier than ever. You can see your dollars hard at work for this great cause as well as how much more is needed to reach our goal. Thank…Read More

Change of Date

Hello, I just wanted to remind everyone that the walk will be this Saturday, May 16th. The walk begins at 10 am at Coney Island. I hope to see you all there. Thank you for your support!!

Our First Donation!!!

Thank you LIZ KENNY for your $50 donation!!!!! Your generousity is greatly appreciated!

2009 Walk for Autism

Thank you all so much for your support !! If anyone would like to participate in the actual walk, follow this link http://www.walknowforautism.org/cincinnati/carolyn Walking doesn't cost you a cent and it's a great time for a great cause. If you are not able…Read More


You are now able to make donations to this cause! To donate directly to our walk team, or to sign up for the walk click on the link below!! Thank you!! http://www.walknowforautism.org/cincinnati/carolyn

2009 Walk For Autism

Thank you all for your support in this cause! If you're interested in participating in the actual walk, you will need to sign up at http://www.walknowforautism.org/cincinnati/carolyn There's a tab that will take you to team registration. If you have any…Read More

Thank You!!

Thank you all so much for joining the 2009 Walk For Autism!!
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