Happy Birthday ASA!

Hello ASA Supporter, Seven years ago a handful of patients, doctors, and providers came together to stand up against federal intimidation and to chart out a plan for protecting safe access to medical cannabis. Today, we have turned that handful…Read More

DEA Ignores Policy, Raids San Francisco Dispensary

DEA Ignores Policy, Raids San Francisco Dispensary Raids Defy U.S. President and Attorney General, and need your response! Dear ASA Supporter, We never expected that the DEA would defy the public statements of both the U.S. President and the Attorney…Read More

Help ASA's cause reach 1000 members!

Last month, you helped us reach 1000 members in the ASA Facebook group. Thanks! And now we're only 12 members away from 1,000 in our Facebook cause! Let's all invite a couple people and get us past the 1,000 mark :) All you gotta do is: 1> Go to the…Read More

ASA's Idea wins #3 on Change.gov!! Thank You!!

Thanks to all of you who took action on the Change.gov Citizen's Briefing Book contest! Thanks to you, ASA's idea, written by Phil Mocek of Seattle, to end federal interference in states with medical cannabis laws finished #3 out of all ideas on…Read More

ASA Holiday Party, Dec 15 in San Francisco

I hope all of you can make it! You can find the details here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=7675865582 Make sure to RSVP and invite your friends.
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