Help Dogs Left Outside in the Bitter Winter Cold

  Dear Friend,   Living outside is hard enough, but in the cold, dark wintertime, it can mean months of total misery.   Sheba had nothing to call home but a flimsy plastic box with an open front and a patch of dirt. She was tied to a tree, day in and day…Read More

Are You a 'Liker' or a 'Follower'?

  Dear Friend,   Your commitment to animal rights shines through every day with the actions that you take on causes, and we'd like to extend a big thank-you from everyone here at PETA!   We also want to invite you to join our growing community of…Read More

Only Hours Left to Help Animals!

Dear Friend, PETA's Global "Stop Animal Tests" Challenge ends tonight—and we're still 7 percent away from our goal. Please make a generous gift today to help us save more animals like Libby. We will never know all that Libby—a sweet, lovable dog—endured at…Read More

Update: Hurricane Animal Rescues Continue

Dear Friend, Hurricane Irene may have left town, but days after making landfall, its effects are still being felt by both the animals we are working so hard to protect and even PETA headquarters itself. As PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange highlighted…Read More

One Step Closer to Bullhooks Going Away!

Dear Friend,   I'm writing about a very exciting development that will make a world of difference for captive elephants!     After more than a decade of efforts by PETA's elephant experts and other concerned animal protection groups to push for an end to…Read More

Help Suffering Animals Languishing at Roadside Zoo

Dear Friend, The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has repeatedly cited the Lazy 5 Ranch (, a roadside zoo in Rowan County, N.C.,…Read More

Delivering Relief to Chained Dogs This Scorching Summer

Dear Friend,   Genie's summer—and even her whole life—has improved greatly thanks to the compassion of one person who refused to turn a blind eye to this sweet dog's miserable existence.   While delivering mail in rural North Carolina, a mail carrier…Read More
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