address critical environmental challenges by strengthening and expanding environmental education in America's classrooms

The No Child Left Inside Act of 2007 (H.R.3036; S.1981) 2007 amends the No Child Left Behind law (NCLB) in the following ways:

-Provides federal funding to states to train teachers in environmental education and to operate model environmental education programs, which include outdoor learning.

-Provides funding to states that create environmental literacy plans to ensure that high school graduates are environmentally literate.

-Provides funding through an environmental education grant program to build state and national capacity.

-Re-establishes an Office of Environmental Education within the U.S. Department of Education.

1. With the nation facing complicated environmental issues that will challenge us for years to come, it is critical that schools provide students with a solid grounding in environmental education

2. Since the No Child Left Behind law (NCLB) many schools are scaling back or eliminating environmental education programsnding for environmental education

3. By making a few changes to NCLB, we can dramatically improve our schools’ ability to prepare children for real-world challenges and careers and ensure an environmentally sustainable future