Busted Halo is a network of media & ministry which seeks to create a responsive & engaging community where young adults, and all people, explore the intersection of faith, culture, politics, and life.

All proceeds donated to the Paulist Fathers through this cause go directly to Busted Halo. Thank you for supporting our ministry!

Visit www.bustedhalo.com/ministry to learn more about Busted Halo and the need for our outreach to young adults.

1. Busted Halo is many things, a website, a radio show, a retreat progam, but most of all it's a community who cares about finding where God fits.

2. "Busted Halo has changed my life. I had lost my faith in God, after I had been sexually assaulted.The BH retreat put me on a path to healing" - Lisa

3. Check out www.bustedhalo.com or go to www.bustedhalo.com/donate to easily give online!