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ioby's Digital Storytelling Project: Spotlight on your Neighborhood

New Yorkers know their neighborhoods best. That's why we give our project leaders the mic to talk about the environmental solutions they're working on. They can make two kinds of videos.

First, our project groups will shoot a video to tell the story of their work, and explain why they need your help. For example, the 6/15 Green community garden in Brooklyn has installed solar panels, and, with funding from donors like you, they can purchase batteries and a battery box to store the power overnight and build a green roof on top. You can check out the garden and listen to Sheila describe the project here:

Other videos are produced after the project is completed, so donors and volunteers like you can follow the impact of your support. Like this one, from the Hester Street Collaborative:

If you're interested in a project but want to learn more, check out our videos page and take a peek inside. Remember, you don't have to be wealthy to support ioby's environmental work; you just have to care.

Check it out:

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Happy New Year!

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