connects people who care about the environment to innovative, local projects in their neighborhoods.

In 2005, New York City emitted 58.3 million tons of carbon dioxide. That's more than Ireland! So you plugged in CFLs where your incandescents were and you dropped your Dasani for a SIGG. Awesome. But do you ever feel like maybe buying that bamboo cutting board and those organic cotton jeans didn't really do all that much to save the earth?

Ever feel like you actually want to DO something? There are hundreds of small groups working hard to plant more trees, clean up rivers, build green roofs, make safer bike lanes, and reduce air emissions in your neighborhood. When you log onto to ioby.org you can find out what they're up to, and lend your neighbors a couple dollars and a hand to make a cleaner, healthier environment, right here in your backyard.

You can wait for ioby.org to officially launch in a couple days, or if you'd like to help us out now, you can make a donation to ioby through the Causes application. We're fiscally sponsored by the Open Space Institute of New York, so make your payment to ioby/OSI and help support our launch.

1. The environment is more than the Amazon or an iceberg; it's also the streets and sidewalks where we work, live and play.

2. People often know what's best for their own neighborhoods, and are the best source of ingenuity, creativity, and motivation to realize change.

3. Small efforts can bring about big change.

4. Local change builds social capital.

5. Local action is not the only important level of action, but for many people it is the most meaningful.