Today, we received a grant to supplement our weekend snack sacks with fresh fruit. Community Kitchen would like to thank Ashland inc. Donor Advised Fund of the Foundation for the Tri-State Community, Inc.! Organizations like this are the means by which…Read More

EMPTY BOWLS fundraiser - success!

Hey everyone-- Anyone keeping up with the happenings of their causes page and, vicariously, Community Kitchen, is probably aware that we had a fundraiser Wednesday called EMPTY BOWLS. I'll spare you the details of the project (they're available in another…Read More

EMPTY BOWLS fundraiser

Hello again everybody! We at Community Kitchen are holding a fundraiser on April 1 (this is not a joke) called EMPTY BOWLS. Tickets are $10 apiece, and to give you the quick dirty details on what that includes for you: - April 1, 11:30am - 1pm at First…Read More

Help me add you to our mailing list!

Hey everyone! I've been informed that there's been quite a few new members joining lately who may want to be added to the Community Kitchen mailing list. You'll receive our newsletter, in addition to letters and flyers about upcoming fundraisers as they…Read More

Electronic copy of Fall 2008 newsletter

Here's a link to a downloadable copy of the Fall 2008 Ashland Community Kitchen newsletter: Or, if you prefer a hard copy, as noted below just e-mail me your address to…Read More


If you're interested in being added to the NEWSLETTER MAILING LIST, please e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you all for joining. It really helps in ways I can't emphasize just to have the word out that Ashland Community Kitchen is putting in…Read More
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