To make a harmonious world of peace and liberty, we may respect all religions of the world –we say end to all sorts of Fanaticism. Extremism and terrorism based on fake religious ideologies.

The primary objective of this Cause is to develop harmony and tolerance among various religious groups and factions by promoting respect for all their creeds , ideologies and scriptural thoughts. It supports interfaith Dialogue to resolve all the religious and ideological disputes. The Peace is only factor by which The World can progress. No religion allow mal-treatment to the humans of the world in the pretext of any self-created religious thinking and pursuits .

1. we need atleast 5 billion people to sign it

2. All people of the world are cordially invited to sign

3. Various NGOs, Governments of the world-Personalities -Anthropologists-Philnthrapists-Human Rights Activists -Fund donating Agencies may join hands