To educate & support parents in dealing w/CPS & maintain their families. To empower parents to fight . To bring about change in the laws & STOP the corruption.

Welcome to Stop Parental Alienation - If you are viewing this cause then you are involved in a messy custody battle, with your local Department of Family Services agency or spouse. You are at the end of your rope and don't know where to turn, you feel that everyone is against you and your children are either being forceably kept from you or being manipulated mentally to be kept away as well. Lost and don't know where to turn. This cause offers many helpful suggestions, links and contacts, a place to vent and a place to make friends for moral support and links to helpful communities.
It offers a way to get involved and bring all parents together to fight for a common good....THE SAVING OF OUR FAMILIES!!

1. Parental Alienation does infact exist & is being purpotrated & encouraged by CPS/DFS.

2. The ultimate goal is keeping families together & stopping the tearing families apart based on a government bounty.

3. http://parentalinjustice.blogspot.com/

4. http://abusefreedom.com/

5. http://fightcps.com/