Our mission is to support conservation efforts of Panamanian golden frogs and other harlequin frogs in the genus Atelopus

The Panamanian golden frog is a national icon in Panama. Long threatened by habitat loss and overcollection, it became apparent in the late 1990s that this species would be impacted by an emergent disease spreading from the west called chytridiomycosis. In response, a group of concerned biologists convened in 1999 and formed Project Golden Frog (PGF), a conservation consortium among scientific, educational, and zoological institutions in the Republic of Panama and United States. PGF is a proactive conservation initiative whose single, simple goal is to ensure the survival of one of the most well known, culturally significant, and charismatic amphibians in the world. Although today the golden frog has been preserved in captive colonies, it seems to be nearing extinction in the wild.

The Panamanian golden frog is not alone among fellow harlequin frogs (members of the genus Atelopus). Of ~77 species, 30 are presumed extinct and only 10 can be found in 'stable' populations. To support the research and conservation of all harlequin frog species, PGF created the Atelopus Conservation Trust (PGF/ACT). Please visit our website http://projectgoldenfrog.org for information on our annual grant program. And please, join our cause http://apps.facebook.com/causes/172655?m=4c64c1a1&recruiter_id=35894365.

1. of ~113 species in the frog genus Atelopus, 30 are presumed extinct and only 10 can be found in 'stable' populations

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