Sharing backyards needs your help

Hey folks, Thank you for joining our Causes group for Sharing Backyards. Odds are, if you're getting this, you care about the work we're doing. Very rarely, I'll ask you for money. More of the time, I'll ask you to help spread the word on our programs in…Read More


Greeting everyone! Thank you all for joining Sharing Backyards' Facebook group. I'm excited to see how the momentum's growing with this project. We've doubled our numbers in only a few months, and the number of yard-sharing initiatives we've helped create…Read More

Ready to Pledge?

Hey everyone -- Thank you for joining the cause, "Sharing Backyards". Now that we've reached 50 members, who's ready to make the Pledge to Recruit 100 members? of the 100 I invited, 27 joined within a week. If we each do this, we'll be over a thousand…Read More
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