Sugar's final vet check

Good Day to All! The vet will be out to give Sugar her physical & issue the health certificate needed to travel between state lines on August 14th. I am still wating for Liberty (baby bird) to return to nature so I can count off 3.5 weeks from then to…Read More

Tenative begin & return dates

Somehow I kenw 3.5 was involved, but usually it is in days. Approximately, 3.5 weeks upon Liberty's reutrn to nature, my journey will begin. It will be for 3.5 months of time. Approximate begin & return dates of August 24th to December 7th. Physical…Read More

When it begins

I have been awaiting direction for the last few months as top when this journey would begin, & received my answer a couple of days ago. I was handed a baby bird that fell out of its nest; about 1 wk old now. I named it "Liberty". Upon Liberty's time to…Read More


The blood test on Sugar expires on 7/28. Will get the health certificate prior to that day & then it is good for 30 days. It seems that HE is holding back the beginning time until the weather cools a bit. It does not matter when I begin, I'll still be…Read More

Starting Date

Since I am following HIS direction in all of this, I cannot say for sure the day I begin. It will be at the end of June, beginning of July, as far as I can tell for now. No matter when I begin, I will still be home for Christmas. Because time is of the…Read More

Wish for my day of birth, 6/11

I am so humbled by the amount of support you have given me in this endeavor, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks, once again to each & everyone. In honor of the day of my birth, I would like to ask each of you to Spread the Good News by inviting…Read More

Administrator needed

I will need someone to be an administrator for this cause. Able to receive my emails & post regular announcements to the cause & in daily posts on Facebook of my progress. Thank you all for your support in this grand adventure for His people's sake.…Read More
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