Help for Uganda

Hi Everyone. I want to thank you for taking the time to join this cause and keeping in the loop of what we can do to help. I am heading back to Uganda in October. We have some very specific needs that we are trying to meet and we need money for these…Read More

The time has come to offer some REAL support

Hi everyone. I am heading back to Uganda in October. We are preparing to establish an orphanage in Gulu and are starting small and at a manageable level. We are setting up a "house orphanage" that will care for ten children. And I need to things to get this…Read More

Help Rebuild Gulu

Hi everyone. Again I just want to thank you for supporting me in getting this cause off the ground. I have been researching the best way to get funds to Uganda. For those of you that have attempted to do this yourself will know that through standard channels…Read More

Plans made by Kenneth Banya, Victor Apire, and Ps Kaye to build orphanage and other services in Gulu

The "Fresh Fire" church which was started by the mission trip in August, under Victor Apire and Kenneth Banya is flourishing. They have joined together with other key spiritual leaders in the city to establish a range of indigenous support services -…Read More

Trip to Uganda moved to October

Jim Drown - who led the trip to Uganda in August is going back in October. As a result, we are moving our trip to then to coincide with his. Details on the trip will follow.
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