Dear all 2,672 Members of The Revolution: I'll make this short and sweet - It is with great enthusiasm and anticipation that I introduce Taggle. Taggle (http://taggle.com/) is the first universal review engine - with immense social and political…Read More

Make Today Count

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today is a once-in-26,000-years opportunity. The Earth, Sun, Moon, and Pleiades are aligned with our Galaxy's center today, which is having subtle yet powerful and profound effects on human consciousness. If you want to set an…Read More


Dear Family, I have created a Facebook Page titled "AWAKENED VENTURES." If you find the below information appealing, then please Like the Page and share this URL with your…Read More

Let's get real. Watch the video and Kashi will donate $2 to HealthCorps!*

How large is the U.S. government's financial hole?

Tell World Leaders to End the Female Gendercide in India

Wings of Life

From Disneynature, the studio that brought you "Earth", "Oceans", "African Cats" and "Chimpanzee", comes "Wings of Life" – a stunning adventure full of intrigue, drama and mesmerizing beauty. Narrated by Meryl Streep, this intimate and unprecedented look at…Read More
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