Our Mission is to allow Integral consciousness to unfold as much as possible via the biggest social network (Facebook) within the biggest global social network altogether (the World Wide Web).

The Integral World Revolution:

In a time when this world has never been more interconnected and interdependent, we - the members of The Integral World Revolution - encourage everyone to realize the significance of disregarding what divides us, and instead focusing on what unites us.

In each of us lies a Power – the same Faculty allowing monumental historical figures to devise seemingly unattainable visions, to contain apparently inaccessible motivation, to radiate ostensibly impossible compassion, to demonstrate presumably unfeasible persistence.

We encourage everyone to realize that each of us has access to this superhuman Faculty, which has propelled us from an archaic and primitive cave dwelling past to a quite contrary potential Future. If humankind is a flower, then this Future is the blooming of this so-familiar plant.

Humanity has unfortunately grown a bit too inconsiderate, a bit too uncompassionate, and a bit too dis-integrated – to make this Future, this “Epic Bloom,” seem within our grasp.

However, disregard the illusions brought to be by negative thought and skeptic belief. Our Power is only as limited as our understanding is, and our understanding is only as closed as our minds are – and it is in our grasp to open or close our minds whenever we choose.

Imagine a Future in which humanity, in its totality, is as compassionate and conjoined as the most thriving and functional families and friends – as advanced intellectually and comprehensively as the elite few whom science, religion, and philosophy alike individually and collectively revere.

Imagine a global Society in which architecture is as Beautiful as the most universally cherished masterpieces. Imagine a universally coherent education system as holistic, effective, and available as one can possibly conceive.

Imagine a culture that adores not material and personal gain, but rather sees True Happiness as the goal of life, a kind of condition beyond spontaneous and finite joyful emotion – a permanent state known as pure appreciation in accordance with Destiny or Dharma.

Imagine – as lucidly as possible – an Earth that is no longer a hell for many, but is instead a Heaven for all. Imagine a World in which humanity has reached Full-Bloom, in which it has realized and implemented but the beginning of the Zenith of its Potential in every possible means.

Plant this Vision in the mind, and feel it emanate the sparks of passion, which ignite the dry, flammable heart, transforming it to become a fervent vehemence – the kind of rebirthing heat allowing “miracles” to manifest by how this Kosmos works.

It is time for humankind to unite under what matters most – this Vision.

It is time for all nations, all ethnicities, all creeds to collaborate and to integrate in order to make this upcoming Period known in history to come as the “Great Collaboration” – the “Second Enlightenment” – the Epic Bloom – the “Integration” – The Integral World Revolution.

People of the world:

1. We wish to inform everyone about Integral Theory in general, which the following article helps clarify: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integral_Theory

2. We intend to awaken many individuals worldwide to learn more about Integral as such and implement it in their lives.

3. We urge all members to stay appropriately devoted to this Cause and continue recruiting new members to join.

4. We also ask all new members to familiarize themselves with the "Extended Info" section listed on the homepage.

5. "Every revolution was first a thought in [people's] [heads]." --Ralph Waldo Emerson