Donate money to our Shelter

Please donate what you can to our shelter here in Barnwell. Won't you give whatever you can to help these animals live?

Please donate for the Cat Containment Area

Please consider donating $10 to the Cat Containment area to be built at our shelter. Your generosity would help make some cats and kittens very happy. Thank you for your donation to a worthy cause. :)

Hello, Members

Just wanted to thank you for joining. Continue to recruit members which in turn helps bring awareness to our cause. Thank you for sharing your love for our animals at the Barnwell County Shelter in Barnwell.

Puppies up for adoption

Please let everyone know about these new pups up for adoption.

Welcome to Save the Barnwell County Animal Shelter Pets

Welcome to all the new members and thank you so much for all the donations so far. I'm sure our furry friends at the shelter are very appreiciative for the difference you've made.

A Note from Laura Buice, Barnwell County Animal Shelter Board Member

Laura says, "Until he extends his circle of compassion to include All Living Things, Man wil not himself find peace." Albert Schweitzer The Barnwell County Animal Shelter is located in a rural, poor county. Funds have been cut and the Shelter is short…Read More

Needs for the Shelter

The Animal Shelter is in need of some items. Please take a few minutes of your time the next time you shop to purchase a few of these items and take them by the shelter! Thanks. 1.towels 2. blankets 3. dawn dishwashing liquid 4. bleach 5. paper towels 6.…Read More
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