To ban puppy farm

I have recently adopted a 4-5 year old caviller king charles spaniel, called Annie. She was an ex breeding bitch at a puppy farm in wales. she was kept in a tiny wooden crate and forced to have puppies, she was capable of having 2 litters a year, and up to 8 in each litter. she was not fed enough, she has lost all her calcium, and her bones have become soft and she now has bandy legs, they look like they are bent. she also had stained and smelly fur due to her having to live in her own waste. she has had to have 3 teeth removed due to abscises that was ignored. her nose has a dent in it where she poked her tiny face through her wooden crate. her nipples hang down about 2-3 inches from her belly from all the pups she had to feed. she is a very scared sweet little dog, we are doing what we can to give her a normal happy life she needs, but this will take months, due to the fact she is frightened to death of people. she is such a tiny dog, she is about the size of a 9-10 month old puppy as she was not fully grown when she had her first litter. the first time we tried to feed her she was scared of a bowl, as they use to just throw food at her. this case is not the worst, sadly the rescue centre we got her from have had dogs come in with broken bones, eyes missing, sores, wounds and illness that need treatment. some of them have been kept in there for 10 years. Annie is getting braver by the day, and she seems such a happy dog, to think that she has never been loved or hugged breaks my heart. these evil people need to be stopped. this should be made illegal, the rescue centre told us that the inspectors that check the standard of puppy farms, (as they are not illegal) are also puppy farmers them selves......fair? No. please join my cause and help put a stop to this. contact me for any info about the rescue centres that deal with these sorts of cases, as they don't normaly take on dogs who have owners who cant look after them any more, mainly ex breeding dogs. They are a charity and get no government funding. if you have a dog think about how you would feel if this story was about ur dog. i made this cause as this type of cruel and nasty way of making money needs to stop, it also needs to become more of an issue and made known to everyone as little is known about how awful they really are, and to get proof that people do care and do want puppy farms stopped. Thank you for reading, and joining.

1. Hundreds even thousands of dogs are used to make money

2. they are under weight, dying but still force to breed

3. a tiny cold lonely crate is their home.