End Abortion through prayer

After 50 days of round-the-clock corporate prayer and fasting for the 2004 elections, a group of prayer warriors — young and old alike — packed up their sleeping bags and headed to Washington, DC filled with purpose and confidence that prayer can change the course of a nation.

For 31 days they stood at the United States Supreme Court with the word “LIFE” written raw on a piece of red tape that covered their mouths. Their silent prayers rose day after day to the Court that’s higher than the highest court in the land–31 days for 31 years of legalized abortion in America. What was birthed during that time of intercession has gone on to impact the entire nation in a very short period of time.

If you go to the Supreme Court today, you will find a company still there. Through rain, blizzards and scorching heat they have never abandoned the siege. They are there until the Judges reverse the decree of death.

And its spreading.

Bound4LIFE is a grassroots prayer mobilization movement targeting the ending of abortion, the increase of adoptions and the reformation of government and society through spiritual awakening. Our mission is to mobilize a groundswell of prayer through:
“Silent Sieges” in front of courthouses and abortion clinics across the nation.
Millions of Christians wearing “Life Bands” and making the Bound4LIFE covenant–PRAY, VOTE & OBEY.

When LIFE tape is placed over our mouths, we are identifying with the silent screams of the unborn and of those who have no voice. Our stand is not a protest, but a silent prayer meeting. We make our appeal to the Judge of the earth and ask Him for speedy justice to be released.
Oh that God would subpoena the conscience of the nation!

The media has taken hold of this image and spread it everywhere. It has quickly become a phenomenon that catches the eyes and hearts of the world.

In our silence, we intercede on behalf of our nation and cry out to God for mercy. It is a silence that speaks louder than words. We must build up this wall! May our tears soak the sidewalks, and may a silent cry go forth all over our land!

1. Pray that abortion ends in your nation

2. Vote for candidates who are actively pro-life

3. Obey God as He leads you in works of compassion and justice