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Your help needed to support Regional Transit - call now!

For far too long, Detroit area transit agencies and project planners have worked in isolation with no coordination, no cohesive plan, no regional voice, and no plan to fund needed growth and expansion. No wonder we've got the mediocre, disjointed system we've got today.

Now is the time for truly regional transit!

TRU leaders are in Lansing today urging Michigan legislators to support a Regional Transit Authority - a critical step in getting quality transit for greater Detroit!

We need your help to support Regional Transit! Call today!

Please call your state representative and urge them to support the Regional Transit Authority!! Call info at

Get more information on the bills and TRU's testimony at

With your help, we can make sure this critically important step in developing quality regional transit is successful!


Megan Owens
TRU Director (and Cause Administrator)

PS - Sorry we don't have an easier one-click action webpage. We're working on it.

PPS- A phone call has far more impact than a mass email, so please take the time to call!!! Thanks.

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