DeafBlind people empowering each other as a diverse cultural community

MDBA provides paid members with affordable or free:
+ ASL/Voice Interpreted leadership empowerment workshops
+ Voting rights at our annual membership meetings
+ Quarterly newsletters, available in large print, Braille or e-mailed to you
+ Invitations to recreational and social events

MDBA's future vision involves grooming of DeafBlind community members to carry on MDBA's mission to the next generation. If you would like to receive mentoring, serve on a committee, observe a board meeting, or run for a board position, please contact us at: [email protected]

1. Leadership: Strengthening and maintaining our core DeafBlind leaders while empowering individuals for the future

2. Community: Keeping in touch with long-time supporters and outreaching to new prospects

3. Defining DeafBlind Culture: Creating a sense of DeafBlind pride while creating uderstandings of DeafBlind culture for others

4. Civil and Human Rights Organizing: Forming views of DeafBlind people community models and contributors rather than medical labels

5. Grooming future DeafBlind leaders