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PTSD Education is critical in helping people identify the early warning signs of PTSD

There is an enormous need for education in regards to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and associated illnesses, and Picking up The Peaces has designed an effective training and delivery package. The PTSD Education and Literacy program is currently being delivered to emergency service personnel locally here in Canberra, with current plans to roll it out nationally.

The sessions aim to educate members from high-risk organisations, such as our Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, Rural Fire Service and the State Emergency Service, or any organisation that is at risk of its employees being exposed to potentially traumatic experiences.

The program includes:What PTSD is and how it manifests.

How to ask for help and what support is available, and how to help your work mates.

What resources members can access and how to identify clear pathways to evidence-based treatments.

We focus largely on detecting early symptoms, either in yourself or work mates, and why seeking treatment early is critical for a full recovery.

Our program highlights the damage of stigma.  We have now implemented a highly effective interactive method of demonstrating how stigma and negative language impacts on those who may need to seek assistance.

The program combines factual material about post-traumatic stress disorder with personal stories from those living with the injury. Current research demonstrates that utilising those with the lived experience is an effective way of breaking down the stigma and encouraging help seeking behaviour. The program is delivered peer to peer by those who have experienced first hand working in an emergency service environment, and who also understand the culture and social identity of being an emergency service worker.

The program is currently being delivered through all ACT Fire and Rescue employees, with brilliant feedback. The results are improving in each session delivered and are fetching even higher results than those from our original pilot program.

We have also had the opportunity to deliver the program to the Case Managers assisting those back into work after being diagnosed with PTSD, and associated illness. Our feedback was very exciting, with comments such as "this education must be delivered to all those assisting employees back to work following a PTSD diagnosis – Brilliant"

To learn more or to register your interest in becoming a volunteer presenter,  please email [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) or visit our website and check out the PTSD education Icon


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