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Fort Whyte Adventure Travel Raffle

Support SOS and Fort Whyte and have a chance to win one of 3 fantastic trips all at the same time! 50% of the proceeds for tickets we sell go directly back to SOS! Tickets are sold 3/$10. Contact us at [email protected] or 794-3700.

1st Prize: CORSICA—Mountains & Villages
A 9 day/8 night trip for two to the Mediterranean island of Corsica. This tour includes time to travel the island on your own and guided walking tours along routes from the Mediterranean to the highlands through
forests, valleys and traditional mountain villages.
—OR— $5000 CASH

2nd Prize: VANCOUVER ISLAND—Orcas & Grizzlies
A 6 day/5 night trip for two to the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This self-guided cultural and wilderness adventure takes you along the pristine waters of the Johnstone Strait to view majestic orcas and grizzlies and to spend time exploring the colourful village of Alert Bay.
—OR— $3500 CASH

3rd Prize: HALIFAX—City Break
A 4 day/3 night trip for two to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Explore charming seaside towns, sun-drenched beaches, sparkling coves and miles of rugged shoreline guarded by graceful lighthouses.
—OR— $2000 CASH

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