Make people aware of this very serious condition.

Turner's Syndrome is a medical condition that effects 1 out of every 2,500 females. Turner's Syndrome occurs only in females and this condition occurs when a female has a chromosome that is not shaped right or not there at all. Turner's Syndrome can not be obtained through any other way and if a girl is diagnosed with Turners Syndrome she has had it since birth. Turner's Syndrome can have a big effect on a young women's life for many reasons, for instance if a women wants to have a child it is possible but very rarely can a women with Turner's Syndrome have a child on her own this can be very hard on a women who really wants her own child. It's very important for the spouse or young man in the women's life to be sensitive and understanding when she is sad and as a very important part of her life you need to be there for her and when she may be upset to comfort her. There are many characteristics of Turner's Syndrome which include short stature, cataracts, heart complications, oddly formed joints, learning difficulties, webbed neck, swollen wrists or ankles, more than normal amount of moles on the skin, no puberty unless induced by doctors, infertility, low hair line in the back of the neck, short puffy fingers, this is most of the many characteristics of a women with Turner's Syndrome. Some self esteem issues can occur but I personally am happy being me and I live a very normal life. There is no cure for this condition because it is chromosomal there is nothing that can be done however the doctors have found ways to correct many of the problems listed above, a women with Turner's Syndrome can go on Growth Hormone therapy and reach a final height of 5'0 or taller and they can also now give a women estrogen to induce puberty which can also help a women chances of avoiding brittle bones and help her chances of becoming pregnant on her own although it is not a likely occurrence. Please contact me with any questions or concerns I would happily answer any questions or concerns you may have.

1. I would like to raise awareness about this important condition that few know about.

2. I have this condition and want to help others with it

3. I would like to meet other people who turners syndrome has effected