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Victory - Con Con defeated (For now)

I have personally gotten confirmation from both Senator Carey’s office (chairman in senate committee) as well as Representative Huffman’s office (sponsor of house bill) that neither committee will be having any further meetings or votes on the con-con bills for the remainder of this legislative session.

It appears that the Con-Con is dead – at least for this legislative session. But we still need to keep our eyes open and keep the pressure on until the end of the year when the legislature adjourns.

“Anything can happen until the general assembly adjourns sine die,* which may be held off until the very end of the year, given the instability of the state's budget...they may, or the governor could, call an emergency session to deal with issues, so we need to stay on guard until that last gavel drops on the 127th G.A.” – Barry Sheets of the Institute for Principled Policy.
I had a lengthy conversation with Lisa Valentine of Huffman’s office regarding what they expect to do in the next general assembly.

I will be posting that next. In short, they will be re-introducing the legislation in the next assembly.

*Latin word meaning for an indefinite period. Marks the end of an Ohio General Assembly and means no further meetings of the House are scheduled.

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