Put Jack McManus on the Air with the Judge to defend the Constitution!

Go to the following link and vote to have John McManus, President of John Birch Society, on the Freedom Watch show with Judge Napolitano. http://freedomwatch.uservoice.com/pa...john-f-mcmanus You get to cast up to three votes; be sure to use all three! An…Read More

Virginia takes the Con Con Stage

By Chuck Baldwin January 13, 2009 NewsWithViews.com As I noted in this column a few weeks ago, proponents of assembling a new Constitutional Convention are a scant two states away from achieving that monstrous reality. (Please review my column on this…Read More

Announcing http://www.stoptheconcon.com

Thanks to the efforts of my wife Teri, there is now an all inclusive place for Con Con information, education and activism. Please check out http://www.stoptheconcon.com We would really like input, suggestions (content, how it appears in various browsers,…Read More

Victory - Con Con defeated (For now)

I have personally gotten confirmation from both Senator Carey’s office (chairman in senate committee) as well as Representative Huffman’s office (sponsor of house bill) that neither committee will be having any further meetings or votes on the con-con bills…Read More

Urgent action needed in the Senate

On Wednesday December 10th, the House Judiciary Committee heard tesimony in from 10 Ohio citizens in oppposition to HJR 8 - an Ohio call for an Article V Constitutional Convention. Read some of the testimonies. The House committee's next move will likely be a…Read More

Success - Vote to shred the Constitution cancelled amid uproar

We must keep up the effort. Today was a success but the battle is not over. The Senate bill was introduced yesterday. We should have e-mail and phone information on that soon. The Committee got a HUGE response today. Very dignified and respectful but firm…Read More

Digg the effort: http://digg.com/politics/Stop_the_Ohio_Con_Con_Call

Digg the stop the Ohio Con Con here: http://digg.com/politics/Stop_the_Ohio_Con_Con_Call
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