Take Troy Anthony Davis off of death row in Georgia

Troy Anthony Davis is an innocent man on Death Row in Georgia. Davis was sent to death row 15 years ago in Savannah, Georgia.

The case against Troy Anthony Davis was built solely on witness testimony – no physical evidence connected Troy Anthony Davis to the murder. The murder weapon was never found.

All but two witnesses that helped convict Troy Anthony Davis have recanted or contradicted their testimony.

Davis’ appeal has been stifled by the federal law. Citing the law, attorneys for the state contend Davis’ new evidence cannot be considered because he didn’t present it years ago when his appeal was in the state courts.

The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty is organizing a global effort to save Troy Anthony Davis’ life. They need our help!

For more information regarding Troy Anthony Davis’ case or how you can help, please contact Gregory Joseph at NCADP. His email is [email protected]

1. Troy Anthony Davis was wrongly convicted of murder.

2. No physical evidence connected Davis to the crime.

3. Six of nine witnesses who testified against him later recanted their testimony.