WABC features Literature to Life

Project 451 and Literature to Life were a feature story on WABC last night...Visit the Project 451 Cause Site to watch the video! Let's Keep Literature (A)live! ~Jennifer Barnette Managing, Director The American Place Theatre >>> NEW YORK (WABC)…Read More

Project 451 in the NYTIMES

Check it out in the NYTIMES and join us at the event - use discount code APTFAM for half off tickets! http://theater2.nytimes.com/gst/theater/tdetails.html?id=1194839830783

2009 Literature to Life Awards: MAY 17 & 18

Join us this weekend for the 2009 Literature to Life Awards! - It's a Gala Event! - It's The American Place Theatre's premiere of the classic American novel Ray Bradbury's FAHRENHEIT 451! - It's your way to support Project 451 while enjoying a remarkable…Read More

Help Ms. Beegun's students experience literature brought to life!

Hello to all Project 451 on facebook-ers! Congratulations! Today we surpassed 117 members in just our first week. Here's what's so cool about that: at this point in friend-raising, if everyone gives just ten dollars, APT will immediately be able to provide a…Read More
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