Help Me to Help Zimbabweans - Operation TATENDA

My name is Simone Labe (nee Broomberg), I am an ex-Zimbabwean (Bulawayo) currently living in Israel. In the light of the dire and tragic events unfolding in Zimbabwe I feel the need to help in any way I can. This posting is calling for any assistance from…Read More


Soon we are going to the polls in S.A. lets use this vote to ensure a better deal for all Southern Africans.


Lets try to invite a friend each and expose this cause a little more.

Lawyer: Zimbabwe activist's location unknown

In Zimbabwe, survival lies in scavenging - IHT Dec 22/23

Brett Jenning's commitment

Brett: This is an amazing commitment - but before we all go off and pledge money all ver the place, I think we need to find a specific benificiery within Zim. I don't believe in a lot of wasted time and effort - not to say money. So, my suggestion is as…Read More

Mass murder in Manicaland- Province just south-east of Mashonaland (Harare)

I have just received this email. Read it and judge for yourselves.(Apologies if you get this twice - typo error in the first) Best Larry B From: Neil Douglas Sent: Monday, 15 December 2008 8:40 PM Subject: Mass murder in Manicaland- Province just south-east…Read More
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