Voting time!

Hey guys, the SAG contract, which was only approved by a 3% margin of the board and awaits your vote. ************************************************ So the argument comes down to: *Is this really the right time?* *Can the industry survive?* It is only at…Read More

Invite 2 friends today!

We need non-actors to advocate as well as actors so please invite 2 friends and family members today to join us! Thank you! Sonora

Must watch sumamry of our negotiations

This video is supremely informative and sums up our present state of affairs in layman's terms by a working actor who is nothing short of a genius. Please post after watching:

Please recruit somebody today! :)

Thank you SO much for joining the group to support SAG actors as they negotiate new contracts. Quick update: SAG members can sign support petition at Americans in support of SAG Members sign…Read More

Thanks for joining!

Thanks for joining the cause! Please sign the petition here: Thanks! Please forward too, Sonora
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