Botox, and it's not for me

While I could probably use it to get rid of some of the lines, it's actually for my girl. This week brings us back to Detroit, but for once in a non epileptic capacity. This time we are going so Charli can have Botox in her right hand, in an effort to relax…Read More

Go Purple on May 2nd!

Saturday, May 2nd is Pediatric Stroke Awareness day, and Charli and I would once again ask to break out whatever purple you have and wear it proudly to support Pediatric Stroke Awareness. The world needs to know that KIDS (not just adults) have strokes too!!…Read More

CHOP next week!

First let me say thank you to all of the new members who I haven't thanked yet. Every member of my groups doesn't realize how much I appreciate the fact that they took the time to join our cause. For those who aren't on our other cause, Charli was diagnosed…Read More

Childhood Stroke Awareness Day..Please Join us!

Join us as we let the world know that Kids Have Strokes, Too! Celebrate the lives of these little survivors by participating in one of our Kids Have Strokes activities. To learn more, go to: You can participate…Read More

Happy Holidays from Charlis Cause!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who have joined Charlis Cause and wish you all a very happy holiday, and a wonderful New Year. Hopefully this new year will bring about some great ideas and opportunities to do some fund raising and awareness…Read More
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