To assist HIV/AIDS Patients in Africa and create awareness to stop further spread of the disease

Eradicating HIV/AIDS by raising awareness and fund to combat this pandemic in Africa.
Opening a free testing centre for all to get tested.
Providing Antiroviral drugs for patients.
Supporting orphans who lost their parents to AIDS
Getting rid of all stigma associated with HIV/AIDS victims.
Accepting HIV/AIDS Victims as one of us and giving them our support to aid their recovery.

1. Approx. 24.5 million people are living with HIV in Africa

2. About 6000 people die each day in Africa from AIDS

3. Africans die from easily preventable disease due to poverty

4. There are 14 million AIDS orphans and that by 2010 there will be 25 million.

5. There are 14000 new infections every day