Promote tolerance and end ignorance-fueled hatred.

Many religions today tell you that what you currently believe is wrong, this is why, and this is what you had better believe instead, or else you burn in Hell. (What they leave unstated are the often severe social, political, or economic consequences for you in this life.)

Radicals in every religion kill each other because they are so sure that they are serving God and trying to lead the ignorant to the path of truth and justice. But I ask you, what is the difference between a radical Muslim who kills a Jew simply because he is a Jew and a member of the KKK who kills an innocent black man for no "crime" other than being black? Are both crimes not fueled by ignorance and hatred? And let’s not pretend that no Christian or Jew would ever do such a thing.

We are all searching for answers to the same great questions (what is the meaning of life, what happens to us when we die, is there a God?), and no matter what you believe, the fact remains that NO ONE will ever be able to answer these questions for sure. Instead of pretending to have all the answers, why don't we just acknowledge that we all want to know, and maybe we've all got it wrong? Maybe one of us or a lot of us are right, but who could ever know for sure?

For all our "differences" aren't we all really quite similar? Do all religions not preach about love and kindness towards your fellow man? Stop the ignorance. Stop the hatred. Stop the violence. And start practicing what all religions preach.

1. All religions are equally likely to be the truth.

2. No religion is better than any other.

3. No one should be judged based on their religion

4. Join if you don't want to die in a war based on who's religion is better.

5. Join if your willing to treat others with respect.