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The Pope's message to Romani Gypsies

The Pope told his Romani audience that "the time has come to eradicate centuries-old prejudices, preconceptions and mutual mistrust that are often at the root of discrimination, racism and xenophobia,".

And to avoid lies, scams, trick and fights. Presumably these are the reasons for the centuries-old prejudices.

Perhaps in his next address, he will explain why the Catholic Church persecuted Romanies in the Inquisition, or why the Vatican hasn't made a public apology to Romanies for doing nothing to speak out for the thousands of Roman Catholic Romani victims of the Holocaust (although it has done so in behalf of the Jewish victims), or why it has not returned the valuables confiscated from Romani prisoners at Jasenovac that were turned over to the Vatican despite repeated requests.

The Pope encouraged Romani Gypsies to go to school. Perhaps someone can explain to him that most schools don't allow Gypsy kids.

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