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My Great Uncle Boxer and Dachau survivor Jakob Bamberger


Rough translation:

"But the heart was healthy!"

This saying came from the boxer Jakob "Johnny" Bamberger, who was among the few Roma who survived the Third Reich. Bamberger was an avid sportsman and was in the 30s as one of the best amateur boxers in Germany. More than 400 times, he stood in the ring. In 1936 he was a member of the German Olympic team. In 1940, he was brought to Dachau concentration camp Flossenburg, where he had to undergo medical experiments on themselves.

1980 Jacob Bamberger described his horrible experiences during a
lecture in Dachau: "I had to take part in the 1943 sea trials. These
attempts have been made for the purpose of the German airmen who were shot down over the sea to find out how long a pilot, if he has no food and drink more, can be obtained only with sea water. I had to drink the sea water so long, until I fell over. That was 18 days. Imagine how I looked like this: When I was preparing for a championship in boxing, because I weighed 95 pounds. In Dachau, but I've been skinny.

My coat, I could wrap around me three times. But the heart was healthy and I was by well trained, so that I could survive this den of thieves. Before I came to KL, I was still a boxer at the German
championships. So I had a very good condition. The others were not so long endured. "

Jacob Bamberger was 49 months in imprisonment. His wife and most of his relatives were murdered in concentration camps.

After the war, had Jacob Bamberger litigate for years to get around 1969 a small "compensation" and a minimum pension. Kidney damage that was caused by sea water experiments, was for years the office of a sports injury classified. Jacob "Johnny" Bamberger died in 1989.

Photo credit: Copyright Bamberger family
First one is Jacob (Weideman Bamberger) boxer
Second was Onkel Wurtzel
Third person was Onkel Willi


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