New media posted about the state of the nation

Check out this series on media capitalism and mass mind control. Very interesting -- think in light of Republican candidate Ron Paul's recent criticism of the military industrial complex as 'soft fascism'.

Recruit people damnit!

Viva la Resistanc€! How are we going to seize power otherwise? oh... Don't buy $hit...

Get a load of this...yes this is America

What a bastard... He cares about us so much, especially us hard workin' poor folk...'cuz he'z like us... "I have the honor of signing a bill that will help millions of low-income…Read More

he (or she) saved the world with a stroke of the hand...

If your considering joining the army, just masturbate instead. It's almost the same anyways... It'll be fun, and you won't have any committments or have to kill anyone, I promise. Or you could always just do nothing instead.
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