New Year!/ Finding Balance...

Henry David Thoreau said, "We must find balance between Wildernss and Civilization." Indeed, finding balance in our lives is a major preoccupation for most people in our culture. Part of the reason is the increasing separation of the people from the nurturing…Read More

New Year Eve Party !!!

3203 NE 32nd Ave. Portland 97213 503-502-1415 Please come and enjoy a relaxing evening with friends and good brew! Welcome in the new year with me!

The Middle Earth Gathering Begins this week!!

It's a truly magical experience!! September 18-20, 2009- Workshops begin at 8 AM and the schedule is amazing throughout the gathering. Register online now! or call 503.502.1415

Thank you for joining my cause...

I would really like to let you know how much I appreciate your support for this cause. If you don't know already I want you to understand that this next gathering The Middle Earth Gathering will be very special to me and I would love to have your there. I…Read More


jUST A REMINDER TO EVERYONE! This wonderful, fun, friendly, important event is coming up quick! THIS WEEKEND! Register or call and meet down at Silver Falls State Park!, Oregon.

Register Now!! The Mother Earth Gathering, June 12-14

We are gearing up for one of the most incredible experiences of the Year- the 2009 Mother Earth Gathering at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon. We are so lucky to have the incredible Ken Luker- on his magical guitar and his no less amazing daughter Chelse…Read More

Leadership Training

April 5, 2009 - Sunday Starts Promptly at 10 am and will last until 2pm (Brunch) For any who want to become more involved and grow as a leader within The Earth Gatherings. This meeting will give you the insight to know how you can help lead The Earth…Read More
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