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Arts & Culture committee. Green Stage Ad Hoc committee at 18:30 hrs, Thursday October 9, 2008 at the Hollywood Youth and Family Center

1. Selected organizations are to be invited to join East Hollywood Neighborhood Council (EHNC) as conveners of the 2009 Cahuenga Green Stage Festival. Conveners are investing monies to partner into this East Hollywood celebration of Mother Earth Day either from their own budget or by bringing a sponsor aboard. Half of the money may be upfront and the other half may be scheduled for later disbursement.
2. The Green Stage Conveners will engage and close negotiations with potential sponsors of the East Hollywood Earth Day Festival. Each Convener will keep 50% of sponsor's contributions to pay for the Convener Green Stage operations.
3. The Presenting Organization is the EHNC and should be credited as "The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council presents" in all printed and promotional materials.
4. The Producing Organization is Stage Of The Arts, Inc (SOTA) and should be credited as "Produced by Stage of the Arts, Inc." in all printed and promotional materials.
5. The corporate or organizational Sponsors should be credited as "Sponsored by" and credited as decided and defined by the Green Stage Marketing Packet.
6. Logotypes of the Sponsors, the Presenting, and the Producing organizations, should be also included or substitute the written credits as needed and decided by the graphic nature of the promotional media or documents.
7. The Green Stage core group (David Bell, Jorge Luis Rodriguez, and Israel Stepanian) presented the Green Stage Ad hoc committee formation report to the EHNC Arts & Culture committee September 29, 2008, 18:30 hours.
8. Previous Green Stage Incubators and members of the Green Stage Alliance are welcome to join the Green Stage Ad hoc committee. Organizations and individual are welcome to attend informational meetings and should contact any of the actual conveners or [email protected] or 323.622.3750.
9. The only requirements to get involved with the Green Stage Alliance in 2009 is to agreed and support the 2006 Green Stage Resolution and the 2007 Zero Waste Resolution of the National Latino Congress. To review both documents you may visit
10. The name of the proposed Cahuenga Green Stage Festival is now East Hollywood Earth Day Festival. Changes and marketing tools will be posted by December 2008 at and
The Green Stage Ad Hoc committee of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council will meet monthly as a working group producing and presenting the East Hollywood Earth Day Festival.

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