Two free gifts for you!

Dear Friends, Do your holiday shopping & help animals at the same time! At & you'll find gifts for everyone on your list. Visit for 2 free gifts: a free eBook…Read More

An inspirational read for the holidays including chapter by Jana Kohl

Dear All: My personal story about being an activist appears in the book 'Unbreakable Spirit,' along with moving tales by 38 other authors, put together by Lisa Nichols of 'The Secret.' If you snag a copy on Amazon today (Tues., Nov. 15), you'll get free bonus…Read More

Missouri lawmakers will vote to overthrow Puppy Mill bill

URGENT to anyone with FACEBOOK pals in Missouri! Bad guys want to overturn Puppy Mill Bill that already passed! TODAY March 10, 2011 they VOTE. Go to site NOW & post for your MO peeps. Must end suffering of puppy mill dogs who endure life sentence of hell…Read More

Bo Needs A Friend!

If you're inspired to write only one letter to the President in the next 4 years, this may be the one ...


Jana and baby are being interviewed with Madeline Bernstein, head of SPCALA, to tell the other side of the Obama dog story.


We need everyone's help now! Please invite all your friends and encourage them to invite all their friends. This is such a worthy cause. Thank you to everyone who already joined andunderstands compassion and concern for all animals!


Baby's Bill (PUPS) won the voting as the main Animal Rughts issue for the new administration to address. Thanks to all of you who voted! Now we have to really put the pressure on. Voting begins again, brand new! We start with a clean slate, zero votes. We…Read More
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