Rhode Island Pre-Registration

Two months ago the Rhode Island General Assembly approved legislation which overrode the Governor's veto of allowing 16 year olds the ability to pre-register to vote. Such an initiative has the potential to increase civic and political participation of youths…Read More

An Easy Way to Donate

During these tough economic times it is hard to ask individuals who are saving to donate their time and money to a cause. That is why I encourage members to use the Causes Toolbar where you can search, shop, and raise money all at the same time. By using the…Read More


I want to thank those who donated $50 dollars to our cause in alleviating poverty within Rhode Island among adults and children. Let us take pride and honor in these individuals to raise funds on our own. With the start of this school year remember that some…Read More

Getting Started

As of now we are just getting started with our great endeavor to bring about change, hope, and optimism to Rhode Island. To get us started I have committed this groups efforts to raise $1,000 for the Westbay Community Action group and their effort to end…Read More
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