Prenter Hits the NY Times

Hello friends, I am thrilled to report that the situation in Prenter, WV has made the NY Times in a big way. We are on the front page of tomorrow's Sunday Times. This is the result of a lot of hard work from a lot of people. Check it out…Read More

Clean Water Coming to Prenter; Groundbreaking Today!

Hi Friends, I am thrilled to report that the groundbreaking for the first phase of the water line in Prenter is today! The first phase will provide water for 155 of the approximately 250 homes in Prenter Hollow. Public utility officials expect the waterline…Read More

WV DEP Releases Slurry Study; Declares Moratorium on New Slurry Injection

Hi Friends, After years of missed deadlines, the WV DEP finally released its report on underground slurry injection. Much to our surprise, they declared an immediate moratorium on issuing new slurry injection permits. This is the result of years of work by…Read More

Ask your Senator to support the Appalachian Mountains Restoration Act

Sens. Cardin (D-MD) and Alexander (R-TN) have finally introduced a Senate version of the Clean Water Protection Act that would outlaw valley fills effectively ending most Mountain Top Removal mining. Please follow the link below to write your senator and…Read More

Support a Ban on Slurry Injection in West Virginia

The Sludge Safety Project has finally managed to get a bill placing a moratorium on all new coal slurry injections introduced in the West Virginia State Legislature. You can watch excellent coverage of Sen. Randy White's dramatic introduction of the bill…Read More

Taking a Stand on Coal River Mountain Today!

Dear Friends, please read the message below and stand with us for a clean and healthy future! Thanks! Please help save Coal River Mountain! Call Governor Manchin at 1-888-438-2731 and / or use our simple web form to e-mail the governor.  This morning five…Read More

Residents of Prenter Sue 3 Coal Companies Over Water Contamination

The cat is out of the bag! After months of quiet work building a case, residents of Prenter filed a lawuit against the companies believed to have contaminated their water at the end of 2008. The suit names Massey Energy, Peabody Coal, and Federal Coal as…Read More
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