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Should sex offenders be allowed to use the Internet?

  • Yes (10% people answered this)
  • No (89% people answered this)

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Do not allow Sex Offenders to feel free on the Internet Too many sex offenders are on social networking websites these days, making it easier for them to choose their prey. Considering pre-teens and teens are growing up faster than ever these days, it's not a good idea to allow any sort of violent, sadistic criminal the ability to lure them into being raped, exploited or murdered. 8 states so far have been forced to give up names of sex offenders on MySpace, and hopefully many, many more will follow suit. Parents don't seem to really be watching their kids these days. You parents and older siblings need to start talking to your children about the dangers of the internet and MySpace, and help guide them in such a way that they don't unknowingly become another victim. Sex Offenders have MySpace pages... in my research, I have found that 35 out of the 45 predators I searched for on MS have MS pages. These perps include men who were convicted of indecent liberties with a minor 13-15, crimes against nature, production and distribution of child pornography, etc. If you have a younger sibling or child under 18, PLEASE talk to them about the dangers of the internet. You may THINK you know everything your "tween" is doing, but kids are very, very sneaky these days and a lot of them are very naive. Also, PLEASE watch your language on this cause. Yes, it's a very sore spot for a lot of people and we all feel very strongly about how sex offenders should burn, but please no swearing or offensive language. You can show your support with wise words instead of the f-bomb. TAKE NOTE: ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY OR COMMENTS MADE IMPLYING ANY SEXUAL INVOLVEMENT OR ABUSE TOWARD A CHILD WILL BE REPORTED. Thanks everyone!! Please Share this Cause with your Friends.

Do you think it's against human rights if sex offenders are not allowed to use the internet?

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